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April 24th, 2009

09:16 pm: Update
Fuck all has happened ha

September 16th, 2008

08:10 pm: How long will you stay with me baby?
You probably think Im a whhore. Thats okay cause I know I a,m.

September 10th, 2008

09:38 pm: Yeah, you're making me.

Eee The Distillers. I love thee. I keep going through these phases where I'm listening to all the old music I use to love. I feel like having a huge party with the old gang. Me, Mickey, Alice, Carlie, Steph, Coz and Vicky. Then Oni and Mike started to come to out parties. Ah they were brilliant. It's weird cause I can remember them when they were my age and I was only like 14, hah and I use to drink as much as them. Sigh.
Coleg is good. Enjoying being back there. Our English class is tiny this year! There's only about 11 of us. And the base room doesn't feel the same :(
http://www.attitudeclothing.co.uk/product_19527-61-757_NEW%21-Tattoo-Dress-by-Criminal-Damage.htmI WANT  this. It's so purdy. Also found a Miami Ink belt that is bootiful. Oh I can dream, when I get lots of money...

September 5th, 2008

02:40 pm: It's september...and bloody freezing!
Urgh, rainy, cold and windy :( We should still be having sun! But college is back on on Monday :D Can't wait to be a single girl in college, although I'll probably stay single and sexless for the whole year, but at least I'll probably have more fun on nights out not having to worry about how I act or look. Had to drop Biology :( Am gutted, doing Zoology in Uni is probably only the few things that I have ever felt truly passionate about. So my options are history, english or psychology. It seems everyone does an english or psychology degree nowadays, and sadly there aren't that many job going around in those departments are they're so competitive. Gonna need to dig through prospectus to get an idea if I can do another course that isn't just english or psychology. Shitty.
Antony and the Johnsons and Lou Reed are stealing my heart for the next few months.
Jess xx

August 22nd, 2008

09:31 pm: Black Flowers Blossom
I very rarely get lonely in my own company, until tonight. Maybe cause I know what I want to do, but am scared shitless that if I do it I won't only be hated by one person, but hated by more. I think I've already moved on. Is that bad of me? But when can I decide when I've finally move on? What do I do? I want to spend the next few months concentrating on myself and college, mainly cause I know I'll end up fucking up as per usual.  Hah this is so self loathing of me. Going to go out tomorrow in the day, make an effort of how I look, do my eyes up prettily and dark, wear my pretty black dress. Hah go back to my goth roots!

August 17th, 2008

08:44 pm: Dramatic 4 days.
Got my results on thursday, got B,C,D,E not too good but still, I still got wrecked though. Then me and Jarvie broke up, we decided it was for the best, which I think it will be. He also got me some beautiful flowers. Then yesterday I fell over in my house and hurt my ankle, thank God Jarvie was there to help me up cause I was in so much pain. Today....I have done bugger all. Hah. 

How old are you in 5 years?
22 years old.
Who did you spend at least 2 hours with yesterday?
Jarvie and Danny
How tall are you? 
Who did you last call?
Who called you last?
What did the last text you got say?
"Good atleast you'll have to eat well"
Are your parents married or divorced?
When did you last see your mother?
What colour are your eyes
When did you wake up today?
What are you doing in ten years?
IHopefully working in a zoo
What frightened you in the night as a child?
People coming in the room.
What made you laugh last?
The Dark Knight
How big is your bed?
Do you have a computer or a laptop?
Desktop. Hate it
Are you social?
Depends on the people!
What do you drink for breakfast?
Water or Coffee
Can you play poker?
I know basic rules.
Do you have an addictive personality?
Do you want children?
Do you speak any other languages?
Quite a bit of Welsh
Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
No :(
What do you need to buy?
New powder.
What would you rather spend money on?
Do you own expensive jewellery?
What’s your fave tv show?
Use to be Scrubs, not sure at the moment.
Item of clothing last purchased?
What are you doing tomorrow?
Resting my foot.
What are you doing today?
Slouching about
What's closest to you now in the colour red?
Do you flirt alot?
Can you change the oil on a car?
Hah god no.
What should you do?
Rest my foot properly.
What radio station did you last listen to?
Radio 1.
New word everyone should be using this fall?

I also bought two new travel books. Desperatly need to get away from this country.

Current Mood: lazylazy

July 20th, 2008

10:03 pm: Summer!

Will be mediocre (sp?) :S Mainly because I'm going to be stuck in work. Constantly. Although going to Llandudno tomorrow. Atleast when I have days off I'm doing something slightly productive. Been looking at flights to Sri Lanka for next year, they're about £900...so that plus accomadation, trips, food e.t.c I'm well looking at £2000. It would be well worth it but very costly, plus I'd b going on my own so it may work out cheaper that way. I desperatly want to get away and can't wait to leave here and go to university. Even though I'll miss my friends and family it's hardly like I'd be across europe or what not.

I've just read Lolita and my lord what a good book. I haven't read a good book in ages. Next I'm going to read the Great Gatsby which seems a very good and emotinal book.  Anyways, Ta ta x

November 23rd, 2007

07:10 pm: Work, work, work!

Eee. Gotta stop wasting time. I have an English paper to do by Wednesday, a page of past question for tuesday for Psychology, questions and revision for Biology and an essay for History. Grr. 
It's alot of work to do, but I'm gonna start some tonight, and do some tomorrow morning and evening and Sunday evening.  
I'm getting a Chinease later. Mmm duck in plum sauce. I seem to of become addicted to Duck. Nom Nom.

I posted this on the Muse board and can not be arsed re-typing it, so here is what I wrote-

"This reminded me of this bloke in coleg who lives pretty near to me. He must be atleast 22 (he told me he's been in coleg for 6 years) and I saw him and asked for a lighter, so he gave me one and he asked me my name, and I said Jess and he said "Aww that's really pretty" and so on. I said Bye and he said "Oh I'll come with you to the bus stop" (as we live near each other so would get the same bus.) I felt pretty uncomfortable with this but decided to let it drop. He was moidering me all the way down and I was just saying yes and no to everything. He kept trying to offer me fags and wouldn't leave me alone even when I was talking to my friends!
Anyhoo, whenever I see him I just pretend to be doing something or just blank him and I can tell he's giving me the eye. Today when I was walking up to coleg I turned around cause I thought my mate was behind me and saw him and just though, eurgh god, and he caught up with me and tried to start a conversation with me again, even though I have made it clear that I don't want to speak to him. He just really freaks me out *shudders*"

Basically he freaks me out, he may not even be intrested in me. It's just that, I dunno, the way he looks at me and other girls to be honest, I've heard some stuff about him that's not very nice such as how he always seems to be with younger girls and stuff that I doubt is true, but he's just weird. 

Got my old schools six form dance on the 5th of December. Got my dress and shoes sorted so I just need some hair stuff. I may also get a shawl! So excited, but it'll be weird. Just being back with everyone, I'll feel a bit like an outsider. But none the less it'll be a laugh. I'll defiantly post pictures of it.

Current Mood: hungryhungry

November 22nd, 2007

08:00 pm: Hello

I've decided to start a-fresh! A new journal that I will keep up to date with. I promise. 

Anyhoos, today was pretty mundane, Had the morning off so only had English, but had to wait around for three hours for a "Class rep meeting". I don't know why I offered, I know it looks good on the CV and stuff but it's pretty shitty. 
I should be coming into a bit of money soon. So glad! Have money to buy presents for my friends and boyfriend, plus should have some left over for myself. I found the best present ever, a day doing a zoo keepers job in Chester Zoo. I want to have it for myself!

My mum and dad should hopefully be divorced early on in the new year. It'll be good 'cause it'll be a whole weight off our shoulders, plus I can't be doing with them with my exams. I'm determined to pass my January exams so I don't have to do resits in the Summer.

I'm really wanting to lose some weight, I want to feel really good about the way I look. I want to have a firm tummy and thighs as well! There's a weight watchers group in Menai Bridge that I'm thinking of joining, it would be good as I have no will power what so ever. I've seen so many amazing clothes lately that I want a better body so they'll look smoother on me.

Looking forward to Christmas. Well, kind of, it's like there's gonna be a hassle over what my dad is going to do, plus there's gonna be alot of revision, but I've got the whole two weeks off from work  :D  

Current Mood: coldcold
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