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07:10 pm: Work, work, work!

Eee. Gotta stop wasting time. I have an English paper to do by Wednesday, a page of past question for tuesday for Psychology, questions and revision for Biology and an essay for History. Grr. 
It's alot of work to do, but I'm gonna start some tonight, and do some tomorrow morning and evening and Sunday evening.  
I'm getting a Chinease later. Mmm duck in plum sauce. I seem to of become addicted to Duck. Nom Nom.

I posted this on the Muse board and can not be arsed re-typing it, so here is what I wrote-

"This reminded me of this bloke in coleg who lives pretty near to me. He must be atleast 22 (he told me he's been in coleg for 6 years) and I saw him and asked for a lighter, so he gave me one and he asked me my name, and I said Jess and he said "Aww that's really pretty" and so on. I said Bye and he said "Oh I'll come with you to the bus stop" (as we live near each other so would get the same bus.) I felt pretty uncomfortable with this but decided to let it drop. He was moidering me all the way down and I was just saying yes and no to everything. He kept trying to offer me fags and wouldn't leave me alone even when I was talking to my friends!
Anyhoo, whenever I see him I just pretend to be doing something or just blank him and I can tell he's giving me the eye. Today when I was walking up to coleg I turned around cause I thought my mate was behind me and saw him and just though, eurgh god, and he caught up with me and tried to start a conversation with me again, even though I have made it clear that I don't want to speak to him. He just really freaks me out *shudders*"

Basically he freaks me out, he may not even be intrested in me. It's just that, I dunno, the way he looks at me and other girls to be honest, I've heard some stuff about him that's not very nice such as how he always seems to be with younger girls and stuff that I doubt is true, but he's just weird. 

Got my old schools six form dance on the 5th of December. Got my dress and shoes sorted so I just need some hair stuff. I may also get a shawl! So excited, but it'll be weird. Just being back with everyone, I'll feel a bit like an outsider. But none the less it'll be a laugh. I'll defiantly post pictures of it.

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