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10:03 pm: Summer!

Will be mediocre (sp?) :S Mainly because I'm going to be stuck in work. Constantly. Although going to Llandudno tomorrow. Atleast when I have days off I'm doing something slightly productive. Been looking at flights to Sri Lanka for next year, they're about £900...so that plus accomadation, trips, food e.t.c I'm well looking at £2000. It would be well worth it but very costly, plus I'd b going on my own so it may work out cheaper that way. I desperatly want to get away and can't wait to leave here and go to university. Even though I'll miss my friends and family it's hardly like I'd be across europe or what not.

I've just read Lolita and my lord what a good book. I haven't read a good book in ages. Next I'm going to read the Great Gatsby which seems a very good and emotinal book.  Anyways, Ta ta x

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