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09:38 pm: Yeah, you're making me.

Eee The Distillers. I love thee. I keep going through these phases where I'm listening to all the old music I use to love. I feel like having a huge party with the old gang. Me, Mickey, Alice, Carlie, Steph, Coz and Vicky. Then Oni and Mike started to come to out parties. Ah they were brilliant. It's weird cause I can remember them when they were my age and I was only like 14, hah and I use to drink as much as them. Sigh.
Coleg is good. Enjoying being back there. Our English class is tiny this year! There's only about 11 of us. And the base room doesn't feel the same :(
http://www.attitudeclothing.co.uk/product_19527-61-757_NEW%21-Tattoo-Dress-by-Criminal-Damage.htmI WANT  this. It's so purdy. Also found a Miami Ink belt that is bootiful. Oh I can dream, when I get lots of money...

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