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08:00 pm: Hello

I've decided to start a-fresh! A new journal that I will keep up to date with. I promise. 

Anyhoos, today was pretty mundane, Had the morning off so only had English, but had to wait around for three hours for a "Class rep meeting". I don't know why I offered, I know it looks good on the CV and stuff but it's pretty shitty. 
I should be coming into a bit of money soon. So glad! Have money to buy presents for my friends and boyfriend, plus should have some left over for myself. I found the best present ever, a day doing a zoo keepers job in Chester Zoo. I want to have it for myself!

My mum and dad should hopefully be divorced early on in the new year. It'll be good 'cause it'll be a whole weight off our shoulders, plus I can't be doing with them with my exams. I'm determined to pass my January exams so I don't have to do resits in the Summer.

I'm really wanting to lose some weight, I want to feel really good about the way I look. I want to have a firm tummy and thighs as well! There's a weight watchers group in Menai Bridge that I'm thinking of joining, it would be good as I have no will power what so ever. I've seen so many amazing clothes lately that I want a better body so they'll look smoother on me.

Looking forward to Christmas. Well, kind of, it's like there's gonna be a hassle over what my dad is going to do, plus there's gonna be alot of revision, but I've got the whole two weeks off from work  :D  

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Date:November 22nd, 2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
I've added j00 lolol x
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