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02:40 pm: It's september...and bloody freezing!
Urgh, rainy, cold and windy :( We should still be having sun! But college is back on on Monday :D Can't wait to be a single girl in college, although I'll probably stay single and sexless for the whole year, but at least I'll probably have more fun on nights out not having to worry about how I act or look. Had to drop Biology :( Am gutted, doing Zoology in Uni is probably only the few things that I have ever felt truly passionate about. So my options are history, english or psychology. It seems everyone does an english or psychology degree nowadays, and sadly there aren't that many job going around in those departments are they're so competitive. Gonna need to dig through prospectus to get an idea if I can do another course that isn't just english or psychology. Shitty.
Antony and the Johnsons and Lou Reed are stealing my heart for the next few months.
Jess xx

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